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Let’s Create an App with Vite

You can boot the project with one of the following commands:

-> With Npm:
$ npm init vite@latest
-> With Yarn:
$ yarn create vite
-> With Pnpm:
$ pnpm create vite
I chose the svelte because I was curious about it
I proceeded without choosing typescript
cd vite-examplenpm installnpm run dev
The default ready page comes like this within milliseconds.
You can change the code inside the main selector in App.svelte
npm run build
the time to do a production bundle of 10 copies of the three.js library from scratch using default settings, including minification and source maps.


Vite has many ready-made plugins features and advantages. Don’t hesitate to use it on your side or main projects. It provides a fast infrastructure and an environment that can be developed.



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